Reserve “Olmansky swamps”

Republican landscape reserve “Olmansky swamps”

     On the territory of the Stolin district of the Brest region, occupying an area of ​​94,219 hectares, the landscape reserve of republican significance “Olmansky swamps” is located. In 2001, the reserve was declared a Ramsar Territory, and is also a Territory Important to Birds (TVP) of international importance.

The reserve “Olmansky swamps” is the largest complex of upland, lowland and transitional swamps, preserved in our state intact. Among the bog massif there are more than 20 lakes, sand dunes scattered with coniferous and deciduous forests are scattered. The main waterway of the reserve is the Stviga River and its tributaries.

   Old-age pine forests on the edge of the marsh massif and on large ridges among the marshes are a refuge for one of the most valuable hunting bird species, the Polesye population of which is in a catastrophic state.

      On the territory of the reserve, several specially protected areas have been identified, which are places where rare and protected plant communities grow. 687 plant species are registered here, 12 of them are listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus. In addition, 225 species of insects, 8 amphibians, 7 reptiles were found in the reserve.

    Due to the small population of the area, inaccessibility and impassability of wetlands and swampy forests, many areas with unbroken typical composition of plant communities and faunistic complexes have been preserved, which makes this area unique and of particular importance in preserving the original biological and landscape diversity of Belarusian Polissia.

Regulated forest use is carried out on the territory of the reserve, hunting and fishing is allowed, a large number of mushrooms and berries are being harvested.

On the territory of the republican landscape reserve “Olmansky swamps” are prohibited:

carrying out work related to the change of the natural landscape and the existing hydrological regime, except for work related to the reconstruction and operation of existing land reclamation systems and flood protection facilities;

violation of the natural soil cover, with the exception of contours located on agricultural land, as well as cases when it is associated with forestry activities; burning of dry vegetation (burns), fire cleaning of cutting areas;

the discharge of untreated and insufficiently treated wastewater, production and consumption waste into reservoirs and water courses;

clearing of aquatic and coastal vegetation, except for specially designated areas;

the breakdown of tourist camps, making fires, parking cars in places not intended for these purposes; the movement of mechanized transport off-road, except for machines that perform agricultural and forestry work;

clear and gradual cuttings of main use in pine forests, oak forests, ash trees and hornbeams, as well as clear cuttings of main use with a cutting area width of more than 100 meters with a junction area less than 4 years in black alder trees, birch forests and aspen forests;

The construction of buildings and structures, power lines, roads, pipelines and other utilities, river cleaning, the development of deposits of common minerals in the reserve for on-farm needs in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus in coordination with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus and the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus.

Announcement of the territory as the reserve of republican value does not entail withdrawal of land plots from land users and landowners.

Persons guilty of violating the regime of the republican landscape reserve “Olmansky swamps” are responsible in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

 The damage caused by the violation of the reserve’s regime is compensated by legal entities and individuals in the amount and manner established by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

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