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Republican landscape reserves “Medium Pripyat” and “Olmansky swamps” are specially protected natural territories with unique, standard or other valuable natural complexes and objects of particular ecological, scientific and aesthetic value, in respect of which a special regime of protection and use has been established.

Around the perimeter of the approved border of the specially protected natural area (PA), as well as at the border crossing of the PAs by roads, at the places of intended passage (passage) of people, in recreation areas and other places of mass stay of people information signs are installed. In order to organize organized work on compliance with the established security regime, work on installing and updating information signs is carried out every year.

Over the past year, there have been more cases of property damage to organizations of varying degrees of severity. Some irresponsible citizens allow themselves to violate the law and, unfortunately, break and steal informational signs. So, on the border of the reserve “Medium Pripyat”, north of the settlements of Semigostichi and B.Maleshevo, information signs were stolen once again. But this is your money! Therefore, first think about your actions before you do anything. After all, information signs are made at the expense of your tax deductions.

In this regard, once again we remind the citizens that in the territory of the reserve “Medium Pripyat” and “Olmansky swamps” it is prohibited:

 carrying out work related to the change of the natural landscape and the existing hydrological regime, except for work related to the reconstruction and operation of existing land reclamation systems and flood protection facilities;

violation of the natural soil cover, with the exception of contours located on agricultural land, as well as cases when it is associated with forestry activities;

burning of dry vegetation (burns), fire cleaning of cutting areas;

discharge of untreated and insufficiently treated wastewater, production and consumption waste into reservoirs and streams;

clearing of aquatic and coastal vegetation, except specially designated areas;

the breakdown of tourist camps, making fires, parking cars in places not intended for these purposes;

 the movement of mechanized transport off-road, except for machines performing agricultural and forestry work;

clear and gradual logging of main use and grazing in places not intended for this, haying until July 10;

construction of buildings and structures, power lines, laying of pipelines and other utilities, cleaning of river beds, mining of mineral deposits in the reserve is carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus in coordination with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus .

Information on prohibitions and restrictions is placed on information signs installed at the main entrances to reserves.

For violation of the reserve and environmental legislation, administrative and criminal liability.

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