World Habitat Day

Habitat Protection Day is celebrated around the world on October 6th. This holiday was approved in 1979 within the framework of the Convention on the Conservation of Wildlife and Natural Habitats in Europe.

Man, by his activity, has long been influencing nature, changing it. Every year in the world, more and more territories are moving into the category of farmland, pastures, are subject to change due to the growth of cities, mining, construction of factories and other objects of the national economy.

For 19 centuries of our era, 150 species of mammals, mostly large, and 139 species of birds disappeared on the globe. Each disappeared species is a very heavy and irreparable loss.

In the Republic of Belarus, one of the most important areas of environmental protection is the preservation of rare and endangered species of wild animals and wild plants and their habitats and growth.

Red books and lists are the most widely used documents in the field of nature conservation in all countries of the world to focus on species of high conservation value.

The Red Book of the Republic of Belarus contains information on the state of the species, the nature and degree of threat to its existence. One of the objectives of the Red Book is to provide access to information on those species that are most at risk of extinction.

World Habitat Protection Day just reminds all of humanity that all of us, people, are only part of nature and all that we have, we owe it to her, and is aimed at drawing world attention to the destructive impact of anthropogenic factors on the environment.

Therefore, within the framework of the Day, various environmental and environmental organizations are holding various events around the world, urging the entire world community to think about the need for careful treatment and preservation of the natural wealth of our planet, as well as to create all the necessary conditions for preserving the unique habitats that the year is getting less and less.

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