Water route of the village of Korobier-waterworks “Stakhovo”

(Korobje – railway bridge – river port – old lake – visit to the visitor center in the village of Korobye – the water center “Stakhovo”) (travel time 2.5 hours).

The route is designed for visitors interested in biotopes of the Pripyat floodplain. It is possible to get to the starting point of the route by rail, which creates certain amenities and interest. The route starts from the railway station “Pripyat”. Low-altered floodplains of the Belarusian Polesye rivers create optimal conditions for nesting black and white storks. Colonies of white storks of 20–40 nests can become bright and spectacular exhibition objects for tourists. Further, the route follows through floodplain meadows, hayfields, along old lakes and closer to the end of the route – along the Pripyat River. This is Europe’s largest stretch of river floodplain, preserved in its natural state. At the final point of the route on the bank of the Pripyat a resting place was equipped Return from the route can be either rail or road.

Pleasant rest, great travel, beautiful nature.

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