Ecological trail “Olmansky swamps”

(tour time 2.5 hours)

Visiting Stolin, you can not ignore the Polissya outback. Polesie – truly magical land, in the literal and figurative sense. The nature reserve “Olmansky swamps” is called the “Lungs of Europe”, which is the largest complex of upland, lowland and transitional swamps, preserved in our state intact.

The route passes through the territory of the landscape reserve “Olmansky swamps”. The route is designed for connoisseurs of unique natural complexes. Here you can see the magnificent landscapes of the reserve, get acquainted with the problems of the protection of natural heritage. The trail fully allows you to plunge into the unique aura of this ecosystem, breathe in the scent of wild rosemary and other marsh herbs. Those who wish to observe the life of the wild, the behavior of animals and birds in natural conditions will be provided with an observation tower with the possibility of placing video and photo equipment. Approaching the lake Bolshoe Zasominoe, tourists will see two crosses on its edge, shrouded in legends.

Historical science is silent on the origin of the not quite usual name of the village. But among the local population there are many legends. Below in translation from the local (Poleshuki) dialect into the literary Belarusian language, only one of them is recorded by Nina Antonova Krivolevich, a teacher at Olmansk Secondary School.

“Jyla was sabe ў blocks of Palesia voska. Yak і ў іншых vёkkah, pracavali and then xialyans hell wound and smyarkannya. Tsazhkіm byў bread syalyanski … And then yashche lykhaya gadzіna came. Vorag abstvіў z usih bakoў. Pan Radzіvіl sabraў sabe troops, cab baranіts your edge and the sea ў laidan. Zabralі ў toe troops ўsіh muzhikў z nashai veksі. Men vayuyuts, and women prutsuyuts. For syabie and for friend. Ties for women without muzhchinskaya dapamogі. And yashche tsazhey young dzhachatam without svaіh mіlenkіh, more than іх so they did not vyarnulі damў, ў native vein. Eight and ўdovs s’avіlіsya – old, Malady. Tear, bitter fell share of him. Ale strap tsignuts. Pryyshoў neyak at the age of Adzin Vesyalchak and Adzraz zrazumeў, INTO what is here for the Adzin men. Yak on tsud ўse women zbeglіsya on yago paglyadzets. And let’s come to vesyalchak znёmіtstsa d dzyўchatamі dy kabetamі. Yakoy is not zapytasetstsa right, chuye ў adkaz adnyya i tyya and names: Olya ti Manya. “What is the geta for the goths like this, – dzіvіtstsa pachutamu vesyalchak, – adnyya Oli dy Mani. Not inaksh, yak Almanam yay treba nazvats.

Eight of the hour and zavedtstsa our Almanami. І muzhiko ш t here shmat, і vesyalchako syarod іх хапае ”.

There is another legendary origin of the village Olmany.

Legend has it that when Napoleon’s army was defeated, Russian troops captured a large number of French soldiers who fled into the forest. Not one Frenchman died in the Belarusian swamp. So the story reached our hero, soldier Olman, who lived in the forest. And Olman began to dig in the forest. Will go to the north – note that he was here, go to the south – also note. And so he knew for half a year all the forests and swamps, like five fingers. Then one day Olman met a beautiful girl in the forest, which he liked very much. And the girl went to him to live in the woods, because for the villagers Olman was the enemy. And they had children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. And the village is named Olman + s. We are his followers.

You can finish the tour on the banks of the Lion River – this is a great place to relax, where you can swim and have a picnic.

Pleasant rest, great travel, beautiful nature.

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