Every day, the negative influence of a person affects nature more and more. This leads to the fact that many species of plants, animals, fish and even insects are on the verge of extinction. In order to protect them, the government is implementing special bills regulating the environmental situation in the country. Thanks to them, national parks, reserves and reserves are under state protection.

But if everything is more or less clear with national parks and reserves, what are nature reserves?

What is their purpose?

How are they different from other natural protection zones?

And what is their role in preserving the environment?

What is a reserve?

The reserve is a part of the natural array, protected from the harmful influence of man. But, unlike the nature reserve, not all living creatures and plants are protected here, but only certain species. Often this is necessary in order to restore the former population of these families, or to eliminate negative factors. Also in the reserve, any human activity that could adversely affect the protected species is suppressed. For example, if animals are protected, then hunting is prohibited on them, if fish is fishing.

State nature reserves can be:

  • Hydrological. That is, aimed at the restoration of water bodies and hydrological complexes.
  • Biological. In this case, only certain types of plant or animal life will be protected.
  • Landscaped. Protect large areas that carry cultural, natural or relief value.
  • Paleontological. I mean protecting individual sources of minerals or their complex deposits.


Landscape Reserve

A landscape natural reserve is a certain part of a territory that has aesthetic or geological value. By and large, these environmental complexes are open to any kind of human activity. With the exception of those that are able to somehow change the landscape or topography of the area.

For example, agricultural and land reclamation works, as well as any types of construction, are prohibited in a landscape reserve, unless they are aimed at preserving this part of the territory.

It should also be noted that these objects do not have a specified period of existence. They can be compared with the exhibits in the museum, whose main purpose is to educate people.

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